How can Seniors (Older People) support Young Adults with fewer opportunities in developing language, communication and entrepreneurial skills?

By tapping into an ancient power and still very present and crucial art-form, or human trait. This power has been perfected by people for tens of thousands of years. This Project redefines, reconfigures, returns Our Elders back to their rightful, insightful position within our communities. Our Elders, our Older People and Seniors will share their knowledge, their wisdom with Younger People using crafted, workshopped Storytelling Techniques. We all tap into the Power of Storytelling, together.

ALADDIN is a project conceived, designed and created by :~

Elan Interculturel (FR), Képes Alapítvány (HU), DEMÀ (CAT), Storytelling Centre (NL) and Superact (UK)

ALADDIN is an Erasmus + project, financed by the European Commission