Our Mission


How can Seniors support Young Adults with fewer opportunities in developing language, communication and entrepreneurial skills?

That’s the essential question explored in the ALADDIN Project, carried out by five organizations from different EU countries (France, Hungary, The Netherlands, Spain and the UK). ALADDIN focuses on the development of intergenerational workshops for (disadvantaged) Young Adults provided by retired senior volunteers through Storytelling Techniques.

ALADDIN thus has a double objective:
– The development of competences and basic skills for inclusion and personal fulfilment in disadvantaged young people.
– And the facilitation of the competences of Seniors and the acquisitions of new ones: training competences based on Storytelling techniques.

Read all about the ALADDIN project at www.aladdinproject.eu

ALADDIN is a project by: Elan Interculturel (FR), Képes Alapítvány (HU), DEMÀ (CAT), Storytelling Centre (NL) and Superact (UK)

ALADDIN is an Erasmus + project, financed by the European Commission.