Our Organisation


Superact is a not-for-profit arts organisation using the arts to work in the UK & Internationally to help improve the health & wellbeing of communities

Superact exists to help people gain access to arts based projects and initiatives that deliver awareness, principally within the health care, education and criminal justice systems. It might be helping an older person with dementia maintain stronger links with a fading past, helping a young offender discover a sense of self-worth and expression that might prevent re-offending or giving children the chance to experience the creativity of other cultures.


Based in the UK and with an international reach, Superact develop and deliver innovative projects to meet  a range of needs from improving English language skills through storytelling to improving the health & wellbeing of patients in hospitals and care homes through regular participatory music performances.


Superact was founded in 2006 and now has offices in Bristol and Exeter with its Headquarters in Wellington, Somerset.


Our approach

Superact uses participatory arts based projects to improve lives by empowering individuals and strengthening communities.

We offer a range of art forms including music, storytelling, graffiti, visual arts, drama or spoken word to deliver one off events and longer projects where the outcomes are largely around improving self esteem or tackling social challenges as well as creating great art.


Please see our website www.superact.org.uk for continual updates about our work