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crushing charted trophy

  • Uncharted 1: Trophy guide

    2021-12-14 · Charted! - Crushing. Trophy type: gold How to unlock: Complete the game on crushing difficulty level without changing the difficulty level.. Comment: Crushing is a very high level of difficulty.If you play on PS4, you can choose it right away. In the case of PS3 version, it is necessary to finish the game on hard level of difficulty beforehand.

  • Uncharted 3: Drake''s Deception Remastered Trophy Guide ...

    Stage 1: Play through the game on Crushing difficulty Your first step is going to be to play through the game once on Crushing difficulty. You will unlock all of the Charted! trophies in this step, and will probably unlock many of the miscellaneous and kill-related trophies along the way as well, though any that you miss can be cleaned up later via chapter select.

  • Charted!

    How to unlock the Charted! - Crushing trophy. SuperBeardFace294,200. 07 Sep 2015 08 Sep 2015 08 Sep 2015. 3 0 0. A similar method has already been posted but I did it slightly different. You first have to beat the game on any difficulty. On the main Menu

  • Glitch Charted

     · The trophy did unlock for me once I beat the game from start to finish on crushing difficulty. Next time before you start the game on crushing, make sure at the start menu the difficulty is set to crushing and go in the options and switch that over to crushing.

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief''s End Trophy Guide • PSNProfiles

    2016-5-19 · You''ll be tasked with a trophy list that requires you to do more varying tasks than your standard Uncharted adventure in the past, however it''s definitely doable. 703 User Favourites. 197 Ratings 345,497 Views. Guides ... or if you''re having trouble with Charted! - …

  • Tweak Glitch and Still get trophy for Hard/Crushing ...

    Yes, crushing is difficult, but I never felt that it was overwhelmingly so. In fact, Id go as far to say that Crushing really honestly is the way the game was meant to be played. The only part that I felt was a little too frustrating in Crushing was the mini-boss at the end of the train which required ridiculous precision on the QTE.

  • Uncharted 2: Trophy guide, PS4 Remaster

    2021-12-14 · Dyno-Might Master. Trophy type: silver How to unlock: Kill 5 enemies with a single explosion.. Comment: This is a more difficult version of the Triple Dyno-Might trophy available on the PS3 version. It forces you to kill 5 enemies in a single attack instead of "just" three. You can use a grenade launcher, grenades or rocket launcher to earn this trophy.

  • Difficulty | Uncharted Wiki | Fandom

    2021-12-16 · "Charted! - Crushing" is a recurring trophy for completing the game on Crushing difficulty. It is worth gold in the first three games and Golden Abyss, but only silver in the fourth. As a medal it is worth 150 points in Drake''s Fortune and $40,000 in Among Thieves, ...

  • Crushing with Auto Aim

     · Question is, will I regularly get the Charted! Crushing trophy at the end of the run, or does the auto aim screw up something? The Guide says that it doesn''t, but also says that normally autoaim can be enabled only after you have beat the game once, this "bug" I am experiencing is not mentioned.

  • Charted!

    2015-3-10 · Uncharted: Drake''s Fortune Trophy Guide. Crushing may pose as a challenge if you are new to the Uncharted series. You have to play on Hard in order to unlock Crushing but that is good as it will warm you up for the final challenge. Remember to stay in cover and mange your ammo as ammo is scarce throughout the game.

  • Charted!

    Board. Charted! - Crushing Trophy Help? Ok this''ll be complicated. I took my data from my PS3 to my friends and beat it on Crushing and got the trophy and medal on his PS3. On my PS3 I only have the medal and the sane thing goes for the 20 Headshots and Headshot Expert (5 consecutive headshots). Do I need to start a new game on Crushing or a ...

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief''s End Trophies for PlayStation 4 ...

    2016-5-10 · Charted! - Hard. Complete the game in hard mode. Charted! - Crushing. Complete the game in crushing mode. Charted! - Speedrun. Complete the game in 6 hours or less.

  • Charted!

    Uncharted 4: A Thief''s End Trophy Guide - PowerPyx

  • Charted!

    2016-1-30 · How to unlock the Charted! - Crushing trophy. I just want to provide you all with a full video guide for the Crushing difficulty playthrough, which really helped me on the tough spots and gave some good tips. Credit goes to Captain Ketch aka. Heisenberg on …

  • Charted!

    Charted! - Crushing Trophy. Charted! - Crushing . Complete the game in crushing mode. There is an exploit available for this trophy HERE. Crushing mode is available from the start. It is greyed out in the difficulty options, but can be selected anyway. Beating the game on Crushing unlocks all the other difficulty-related trophies.

  • Charted!

    2014-1-9 · Charted! - Crushing. This the hardest trophy in the game as you complete the game from start to finish in Crushing Mode and the trophy will pop during the closing credits. To unlock Crushing Mode you must complete the game on Hard Mode, which in a strange way is very beneficial because a full playthrough on Hard prepares you for the challenge ...

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief''s End Trophy Guide

    2016-5-10 · Charted! – Crushing Complete the game in crushing mode. Beating the game on crushing unlocks the silver trophy "Charted! – Crushing". Crushing is available from the beginning. It is the highest difficulty in the game. If you want to make things easier you can enable cheats in the bonus menu (e.g. infinite ammo).

  • Uncharted 4 Trophies Revealed, See Them All Here

    2016-5-10 · Trophy and achievement-tracking site Exophase has revealed Uncharted 4''s 56 trophies. Some of the trophies require you to perform 30 stealth takedowns, get the high score in "the retro video game ...

  • Uncharted: Drake''s Fortune Remastered Trophy Guide ...

    2015-10-13 · Stage 1: Play on Crushing Difficulty and Collect all Treasures. Your first step is going to be to play through the game once on Crushing difficulty. You will unlock all of the Charted! trophies in this step, and will probably unlock many of the miscellaneous and kill-related trophies along the way as well, though any that you miss can be ...

  • Uncharted 3: Drake''s Deception Trophy Guide • …

    To earn this trophy, you''ll need to complete all 10 rounds of a Co-op Arena map on Crushing difficulty without anyone getting killed. For the most part, the concept and strategy here is the same as that for Omnipotent above - find good cover and stay together.

  • Charted!

    Charted! - Crushing. Crushing Mode is the hardest difficulty to play the Campaign in Uncharted 3 and is unlocked only when the game has already been beaten once on any other difficulty. There are no alternate paths through the game and the puzzle solutions are all identical on lower difficulties, the only differences are the enemy types, how ...

  • uncharted trophy hack crushing

    Charted! - Crushing Trophy - Uncharted 4: A Thief''s End ... Charted! - Crushing. There is an exploit available for this trophy HERE. Crushing mode is availab

  • [US] Uncharted 1

    2020-1-29 · Just complete the final fight to unlock the following trophies: - YOLO Fortunately - Charted! Normal - Charted! Hard - Charted! Crushing …

  • Charted!

    How to unlock the Charted! - Crushing trophy in Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita): Finish the game in Crushing Mode. This is a Gold trophy.

  • Can you use tweaks for the charted trophy?

    LOL, I was just gonna post a topic on this and ask. All I need is the hardened and crushing trophies for platinum. Guess I should have done hardened on my first playthrough. So using the tweaks you "purchase" is ok for another playthrough eh.

  • Charted!

    2016-5-23 · The trophy should be there (Crushing and Sharpshooter at least since you can not glitch your stats with encounters in v 1.0) Note: The Sharpshooter Trophy can''t be obtained that way, because 1.0 does not have encounters-menu and does not glitch statistics so either you keep your overall-stats or start new and can''t start the epilogue.

  • Charted!

    Charted! - Crushing. For this trophy you must be complete the whole game on Crushing without changing the difficulty. Crushing is the hardest difficulty in the main game list and is unlocked right away so feel free to select it if you want to achievement the Platinum in a single playthrough.

  • PS3《2》()- GamerSky

    2009-10-12 · Charted(Crushing) Crushing(CrushingHard) Sliver Trophy Charted(Easy ) Easy Survivor,75 250 Headshots 250 Bare-Knuckle Brawler ...

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief''s End Trophy List Revealed | PowerPyx

    2016-5-10 · Uncharted 4: A Thief''s End Trophy List. May 10, 2016 by PowerPyx Leave a Comment. A user on imgur got an early copy and leaked the Uncharted 4 trophy list already. Here it is: Total amount of trophies: 56 (1x, 0x, 6x, 32x, 17x) One Last Time. Collect All the Trophies.

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